ICEX-Invest in Spain supports the tenth edition of the Spain Investors Day forum

Spain Investors Day (SID) is a unique professional forum in Spain, with which ICEX-Invest in Spain has been collaborating as a sponsor since its first edition. 

For two days, on January 14 and 15, companies from the most important sectors of the Spanish economy, including banks and companies from the technology, energy, security, infrastructures and tourism sectors – among others – will meet with major international investors interested in learning more at first hand about the current situation of Spain's main listed companies. The aim is to energize foreign investment and specifically to drive the economic activity of Spanish companies. 

A total of 41 major companies, most from the Ibex 35, are present in this tenth edition. This figure is further evidence of the increasing interest in participating in this international economic forum, which is also attended by around 1,200 guests from the world of business and finance. The participating companies represent 71.4% of the Ibex 35 index, in addition to other major firms on the continuous market that are of great interest to investors.


Xiana Méndez en el Spain Investors Day 2020

During the inaugural event, Xiana Méndez, Secretary of State for Trade and CEO of ICEX, emphasized Spain's capacity to attract foreign investment and highlighted that “Spain is the tenth most open country to foreign investment according to the OECD”, and a place where “foreign investors receive the same treatment as Spanish investors, with no distinction due to the type or amount of investment”. She continued: “This growing interest can clearly be seen in the fact that during 2018, foreign direct investment rose to 55 billion euros. This is the highest figure received in Spain since records began”. 

She recalled that in order to gain insights into the opinions and outlooks of foreign investors each year Invest in Spain publishes the “Barometer of the Business Climate in Spain from the Foreign Investor's Perspective” in collaboration with Multinacionales por marca España (Multinationals for the Spain Brand) and the IESE's International Center for Competitiveness.

This tenth edition of Spain Investors Day also features the participation of Reyes Maroto, Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism; Teresa Ribera, Vice-President of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge; and Nadia Calviño, Vice-President of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation. 

This year the SID assumes particular importance due to the international economic situation, with Brexit now underway. Throughout the whole year, the funds have demonstrated the enormous potential of Spanish companies as a force of attraction. Now the debate focuses on the challenges that companies and investors must face to maintain their dynamism and move forward.