Wrist Ship Supply will inaugurate a new branch in Valencia in September

The aim is to support its existing operations in Algeciras and Las Palmas to reinforce its global warehouse and logistics network

On September 1 the ship supplier Wrist Ship Supply will inaugurate its new facilities in Valencia, from where it will meet the needs of its customers on the east coast of Spain. This new branch will enable the Danish company to support its operations in Algeciras and Las Palmas, and thus reinforce its global warehouse and logistics network.

The transaction expands Wrist's scope in Spain and brings it closer to its customers by ensuring a faster response capacity and improving delivery times, frequency and service. This greater operational efficiency will in turn allow it to offer more competitive prices.

Wrist Ship Supply inaugurará en septiembre una nueva sucursal en Valencia

Key ports in Europe
Wrist previously had a presence in Valencia through a local partner. By opening its own premises, its customers can benefit from a global logistics network that covers all the ports on the east coast of Spain and the key ports in Europe. The company has facilities in the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg which are – together with Valencia – the four largest and most important ports on the continent.

Jens Holger Nielsen, CEO of Wrist Ship Supply, explains: “Expansion into Valencia forms part of our strategy of continuing to build industry unique scope and scale in order to service our customers’ needs across the globe”. Indeed, its arrival in Valencia will improve and reinforce its competitive advantage, connectivity and its position as a world leader among shipping suppliers.

Leader in connectivity
The port of Valencia is important at both the European and the world scale, and this year it has become a leader in Spain in terms of conductivity. This has led it to adapt its infrastructure and services to the needs of the market in order to attract more shipping companies and shipping lines.

Kim Krogh Kristensen, regional manager of Wrist, says: “To better service our customers in suitable locations, and to improve our European network, we find this extension of our physical warehouse location in Valencia the best move we can make in Spain”.

The company's operations in Valencia will be managed by Jens Lundin, who says: “We are ready to live by our mission of making life at sea better for our seafarers and we are looking forward to welcoming our customers with our services in Valencia and the entire Spanish east coast".