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Key industries

Automotive, machinery and capital goods

The automotive industry is the most important in the Community and concentrates 24% of regional exports. The automotive and parts industry comprises 136 companies representing 8% of the national total and generating 19% of the Valencian Community’s total industry value.

The machinery and capital goods industry on the other hand, comprises 775 companies, or 12% of the national total, and generates 3% of total value produced in the regional industry.

Chemical (phytosanitary and transformative chemistry)

The chemical and pharmaceutical products industry in the Valencian Community comprises 605 companies, representing 14% of the total in Spain. This industry generates 4.4 million euros in value, equivalent to 10% of the total generated by the regional industry.


Valencia is the second ranking region in exports of plastic products and manufactured goods, with 11% of the Spanish total. 20% of Spanish companies in the plastics industry – 910 companies – are concentrated in the Valencian Community. Valencia’s rubber and plastics industry generates 5.4% of regional industry (at slightly less than €2.4 million in value).


The Valencian Community is the third exporting region of agri-food produce, with 13% of the Spanish total. Fruit is the top export in this industry, with 10% of the total value of Valencian products. There are about 2,542 active agri-food companies in the industry, or 8% of the national total.

Information and communications technology (ICT)

The Valencian Community is positioning itself as an attractive technology hub in the Mediterranean for start-ups and ICT companies. In 2018, exports of ICT industry-related products reached €313 million in value. Valencia is the fourth ranking exporter of these products, with 8% of the national total.