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Reasons to invest

1 Quality of life

In addition to the Valencian Community’s stable business climate, there are a number of key factors that make this region the ideal choice of a many foreigners to live and work, such as the climate, a free and top-notch healthcare system, gastronomy, and the language.

2 Location

The Valencian Community is in a privileged geostrategic location in the center of the Western Mediterranean arc. This allows it rapid access to both Spanish and European markets and makes it a true logistics hub in southern Europe. It has excellent connections, with a broad network of highways and quality railroads, as well as major infrastructures that form an ideal platform for setting up businesses with opportunities for success.

3 Human capital

The nine universities – 4 private and 5 public - with five science parks, are a favorable environment for educating human capital. The great added value of the Valencian Community is having professionals that are highly competitive when it comes to academics and salary (the latter, thanks to the latest national labor reform, which supports flexibility in employment conditions and costs).

4 Business community with an international calling

With a clear orientation to international markets and an economy with a 52% degree of openness to foreign trade (higher than the Spanish average of 50%), the Valencian Community is among Spain’s top three exporters. Its industrial framework consists mainly of SMEs, a high spatial and sectorial concentration of activities, and clear export-oriented growth, all of which highlight the region's notable business dynamism. Valencia has a large and highly competitive network of suppliers and related industries, with excellent conditions for internal and external growth and with renowned international prestige. The region is also home to consolidated international clusters in ceramics, agrochemicals, interior design, and footwear.

5 Strong support for RD&I

RD&I is an essential tool in driving the region's economy. The Valencian Community is committed to innovation policies in RD&I that help companies gain in productivity, competitiveness, and excellence. This effort is reflected in strong institutional support for innovative projects, and in the creation of various networks that operate in the field of RD&I: the Network of Technology Institutes, the Network of Scientific Research Centers, and the universities' own research centers. In addition to this, investors will find in the Valencian Community, a solid network of accelerators, incubators and co-working spaces that will help develop their investment project.