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Baleares - Innovation and research

biofarma_definitiva_29883_ Innovation and research

The new economic environment and globalization have placed new demands on international competition. This has made regional and national research, technological development and innovation even more important.
The information and communication technology industry is extraordinarily dynamic at the present time. The Balearic Islands are pioneers in implementing information technology applied to health care and tourism. There are more than fifty companies whose operations involve producing and implementing technological solutions for the tourism sector.

Baleares - Industry

bienes_equipo_definitiva_3053 Industry

Traditional industry has evolved and the new technologies sector has given it the chance to innovate, improving know-how and the production process. The Balearic Islands provide a location for professionals and companies specializing in sectors that make intensive use of new information technology.

For more than thirty years, the Balearic Islands have had biotechnology companies, today a leading industry. This is a cross-sector activity that currently provides services that include hotel water treatment services and the monitoring and control of industrial processes.

The audiovisual advertising business has grown significantly in our region and there is now an average of 140 advertisements filmed in the Balearic Islands every year.

Baleares - Environment

medioambiente_definitiva_3053 Environment

An awareness of the value of our environment and the need to protect the archipelago’s ecological assets can be found in every social and economic activity in the Balearic Islands. Growing environmental awareness in both the public and private spheres has increased the size and number of protected natural spaces, promoting the rational use and conservation of our resources, as well as the use of advanced waste treatment and removal systems and the implementation of environmental management systems in the tourism sector.

Baleares - Tourism

Turismo_definitiva_30540_ Tourism

Tourism is the most important sector for the Balearic Islands and it is characterized by high quality, environment-friendly services. As a cutting-edge tourist destination, the islands are home to tourism companies known throughout the world, hotel chains, airlines, tour operators, catering companies and software providers, etc. The variety of options on offer include rural tourism, nautical tourism, medical tourism, cycling activities, hiking, diving, cultural tourism, events and conventions.

The Balearic Islands have experience in tourism management, excellent resources, extensive additional options and a business culture focused on quality and excellence. The islands are tackling the challenge of sustainable, diversified growth and the goal is to supplement sun and sand options with new forms of tourism to create new demand for quality, which also helps to increase the amount spent on tourism.


Baleares - Food, agriculture and fishing

agroindustria_definitiva_3054 Food, agriculture and fishing

Great geographical diversity, the result of different soils and microclimates within the Mediterranean climate of the archipelago, lends itself to the development of a wide variety of crops and livestock.

New activities have been introduced in the agricultural sector as part of a process of innovation for the Balearic countryside: organic agriculture and livestock farming, as well as integrated farming. At the same time, since the 1980s, there has been a special interest in improving the quality of wine products.

Quality designations (Sobrassada de Mallorca, Ensaïmada de Mallorca, Oli de Mallorca, Formatge Mahón-Menorca), quality marks (MMS-Me Mallorquí Selecte), ametla mallorquina, ESMEL and PMS (Porc Mallorquí Selecte) and spirits (Palo de Mallorca, Herbes de Mallorca, Herbes Eivvissenques i Gin de Menorca) make it possible to differentiate Balearic products with distinguishing characteristics associated with the geographical environment.

Last updated: 16|07|2015

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