Drylock Technologies will open a new production center in Segovia

The estimated investment is 45 million euros, and it will create 120 new jobs

Drylock Technologies will launch a new production center in Segovia as part of the expansion program it is undertaking this year, and which includes another two new centers in Brazil and the doubling of its current production capacity in the Czech Republic.

Drylock's expansion plan for 2018 has a total budget of 200 million euros. Of that amount, the new plant in Segovia will receive an investment valued at 45 million euros. It will also represent the creation of 120 new jobs when it comes on line.

Starting in June, the plant in Segovia will provide service to Drylock customers in southern Europe. The company, which received a delegation from the Castile-León regional government in its headquarters in Flanders, thanked them for their support in accelerating its start-up.

The latest technology in baby diapers
The Dutch company chose to undertake these investments in response to the demand for the Drylock Magical Tube absorbent core technology, which was patented and launched on the market in May 2017. This technology is applied to the baby diaper segment and will soon also be used in adult diapers.

Bart Van Malderen, CEO and chairman of Drylock Technologies, said during the visit by the representatives of Castile-León and Flanders: “It is a source of great pride to announce the creation of 120 new jobs in the Castile-León region, while we present our central headquarters in Zele, which also creates employment in Flanders. We share our company's passion for creating new and innovative products that meet the needs of our consumers, customers and retail partners”.