Seur opens a new operational center in Barcelona

It has 280 employees, and this figure will hit 300 in the busiest periods

 E-commerce has given a new boost to courier services. In response to growth in the market, in June Seur opened a new operational center in the industrial park of El Zal II in Barcelona. The facility will be able to extend its operational capacity and increase production at specific periods, such as sales, the summer, Christmas and Black Friday. 

The new 8,700-square-meter warehouse is already used by 280 employees every day. The workforce will grow to 300 people in the periods with most work.

The new center is adapted to the new needs of the sector and designed to speed up the handling of deliveries. Up to 24 vans and trucks can unload at the same time in complete safety and security. This will reduce the distribution loading and departure times for the fleet, making for a quicker and more responsive service.  

Logistical hub
The deputy mayor of El Prat de Llobregat, Marta Mayordomo, has noted that Seur's commitment to her town "helps consolidate Baix Llobregat as one of the main logistical hubs on the mainland and in southern Europe." Moreover, "over 500 logistics companies now operate in El Prat, employing nearly a third of the workers in the town," she added.

The CEO of Seur, Yves Delmas, explains: "The boom in e-commerce has meant a significant increase in our activity, which we are adapting to through investment plans that include the opening of this center. At Seur we have always been committed to this community, which plays a key role in our national strategy. Thanks to this warehouse we are closer to our clients and offer a more effective service."

On the jobs created, Delmas explains: "It is a source of pride for us to be a driver of employment in Barcelona and we hope to continue to increase the workforce in the future."

Seur already has 12 facilities in Catalonia, where it operates 80,000 deliveries every day and employs 1,500 people.