Colissée acquires the STS care homes for the elderly

The group has the financial backing of IK Investment Partners and a loan of 120 million euros

The Colisée Group, specializing in the care of the elderly and with a significant presence in France and Italy, has acquired the STS residences in a further step in its strategy for accelerating its growth, thanks to the support it has received since 2017 from the private capital firm IK Investment Partners.

In addition to the Swedish-British firm, which became its majority shareholder in June 2017, the French group has raised funding in the debt markets to increase its financial capacity to undertake new acquisitions and construction projects in Europe. The group currently has a loan of 120 million euros.

600 new beds
The group's acquisition of STS's care homes for the elderly means Colisée has six facilities in Catalonia with a total of approximately 600 beds. The French company thus reinforces its position in Europe in both home assistance and geriatric services.

Since the incorporation of IK Investment Partners, Colisée has added 24 new centers to its portfolio, counting purchases and new constructions. The acquisition of STS gives Colisée a total of over 114 centers for the care of the elderly and 70 home assistance agencies in France, Italy and Spain. Its pan-European vocation indicates its likelihood of entering other countries in the future.