Becton Dickinson expands its factory in Fraga

It plans to invest 52 million euros, and will create 45 new jobs when it opens in 2020

During his institutional visit to the Bajo Cinca region in the province of Huesca on May 15, Vicente Guillén, presidential counselor of the Aragon regional government, learned at first hand about the expansion plans of the Becton Dickinson company, which has a production plant in Fraga.

The visit was covered by the local media who reported on these expansion plans. According to El Periódico de Aragón, the healthcare material manufacturer will invest 52 million euros in the construction of a new 5,000-square meter building for the installation of two new syringe production lines.

According to this newspaper, the visit by the presidential counselor is in response to the company's request for its project to be declared of regional interest, which would help accelerate the bureaucratic procedures. The regional government is apparently favorably inclined to this proposal, and will certainly take into account the fact that the syringe manufacturer is one of the main creators of employment in the province.

When, as predicted, the new area comes on line in 2020, the Becton Dickinson plant will go from four to six production lines and increase its workforce from 650 to 695 employees. The previous expansion, which cost 75 million euros, involved a similar construction that served to create 50 new jobs. On that occasion the building was designed to accommodate future extensions such as the one being undertaken now.