Satellogic opens its European headquarters in Barcelona

The Argentinian company expects to create 100 jobs in Barcelona between now and 2020

The Argentinian satellite company Satellogic has opened the offices for the company's European headquarters in Barcelona. This is the technology company's fifth international office, together with those in Buenos Aires (Argentina), San Francisco (United States), Montevideo (Uruguay) and Tel Aviv (Israel). According to the press release issued by the Catalan regional government, this office will provide employment for 100 people when it reaches its maximum operating capacity at the end of 2020.

The office opened on November 17 in distrito 22@, a complex developed to host technology companies.

Marco Bressan, the data manager and head of the new Satellogic offices in Barcelona, says: “Barcelona is a veritable goldmine for the talent we need, and home to three of the five best universities in Spain”. He adds: “It is well connected with other European cities and there is no problem attracting highly-qualified people: this is the ideal place for anyone wanting to start work in a leading company”.

Real-time information
Satellogic was created in 2011 and specializes in the manufacture and management of satellites that capture high-resolution images of the Earth's surface. The company uses algorithms based on artificial intelligence to analyze these images in real time and extract useful information for farmers, companies and institutions.

As explained in the note, this technology allows farmers, for example, to monitor changes in weather patterns and improve their crop yield, in the same way as an energy company can identify possible accidents or leaks at some point in the supply network, or an insurance company can verify the scope of natural disasters and identify fraud.

Satellogic has eight satellites weighing around 45 kilos in orbit at a height of 500 kilometers. This year it will launch another four, and it plans to accelerate this pace until reaching 200 in 2021. By mid 2020 this will allow it to update the complete map of the whole of the Earth's surface on a weekly basis.